Remain Productive During Flu Season: Make Telecommuting Easy

How to Remain Productive During Flu Season: Make Telecommuting Easy

In today`s job environment allowing employees to work remotely (telecommuting) helps to recruit top talent and increases productivity. Despite concerns about a drop in productivity, a study by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, found that workers were 13 percent more productive per hour when working from home. While the ability to work with a team is still highly desired, many employees prefer to be away from the distractions of the office at least one or two days per week to get their work done. Interestingly, 86% of those surveyed said they preferred to work alone to “hit maximum productivity”.

Companies are also reporting decreases in operating costs due to remote work. According to a Forbes, Aetna shed 2.7 million square feet of office space, saving $78 million in annual real estate costs. American Express reported annual savings of $10 million to $15 million thanks to its remote worker options.

In addition to the saving associated with telecommuting, it is also considered a great way to keep office workers healthy during the outbreaks of viral infections such as cold and flu (and more recently Coronavirus). Offering teleworking options can serve as both a preemptive measure for healthy employees and as an option for sick workers who are feeling well enough to work but don’t want to spread germs to others. With the right technology companies now can not only reduce costs associated with renting/owning an office space but to also offer a greater flexibility as to where employees can work from while reducing the risk of spreading viruses during epidemics.

For employees to be at their best when working from home, though, they’ll need a functional space, along with the technology and tools to stay productive. As for technology, there are multiple SaaS tools, such as LogMeIn and Team Viewer, that are perfectly suitable for small deployments to access a remote computer. However, these subscription systems can be costly, and often do not provide optimum speed and viewing experience.

There are, however, Scalable solutions such as Remote Desktop and Remote Desktop Gateway Servers that can expand with your business and eliminate the monthly fees. If you already have physical computers onsite, the Remote Desktop Gateway Server can provide secure access to computers from a remote location to enable employees to complete their work as if they are sitting at the office. By deploying the Remote Desktop Services we can also eliminate the need for a separate desktop computer for every user and host all the necessary office applications for their remote access.

Like everything else with today`s fast-growing technology, finding the right Telecommuting solution for your business can be complicated and confusing. But, we are here to help! With the right planning and tools, you and your team can establish a work-from-home policy that not only reduces health risks associated with seasonal epidemics such as cold and flu but also ensures maximum productivity.