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Managed CyberSecurity Services

Network Security risks with windoes XPIn today’s world of business, survival depends on business agility and cost savings. This means using cloud technologies to launch new products and services and developing self-service portals and mobile apps to retain and attract customers who expect to complete transactions instantly by connecting to back-end systems. At the same time, cyber attacks have become more frequent and sophisticated.

Today’s businesses need a strategy that embeds information security into the heart of their business operations, and secures company data wherever it may reside. It wasn’t long ago that companies felt secure if their perimeter was secure, but with today’s technologies, security concerns go well beyond protecting internal systems. Cyber-security threats can impact a firm’s ability to comply with certain federal securities laws and, as a result, firms should examine their ability to respond to cyber-security threats in that context. For example, policies and procedures that address cyber-security threats as they relate to other compliance areas — such as identity theft and data protection, fraud, and business continuity and other disruptions — also may improve a firm’s ability to meet its compliance obligations in those areas.

Secure Data Beyond Your Perimeter

To be proactive, you must assess your cyber-security strengths and weaknesses and design an enterprise solution that secures your people, facilities, processes and technology.
You must also identify, prioritize and manage risk relative to its potential impact on mission-critical operations so you can balance security needs against cost considerations, business success plans and the need to maintain organizational agility. Cyber-security programs must provide real-time visibility into processes, systems, data and equipment — a complete view of any vulnerabilities that may arise across the enterprise.

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