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Business IP Communication Solutions

The world of telephony has changed dramatically: out with the old, expensive, and limited business phone systems, in with the new, cost-effective, and feature rich IP phone solutions.

Today, even small businesses can get a full fledged enterprise level powerful business IP Phone system for what they used to pay for the voice mail module only. In addition to cost savings, there are many more advantage to ditching the old analog phone systems in favor of an IP phone system. Many of the below listed features come standard with most major VOIP providers:


  • Intra-branch extension to extension free calls
  • Voice mail to email
  • Call forwarding, Find-me-follow me, Call recording, Call monitoring, Call logs
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), Ring groups, Circular groups
  • CRM integration, Call accounting, Application sharing
  • Soft Phone, Mobile app
  • Video conference, Audio conference
  •  and many more