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Co-Managed IT Services

Co-managed IT services are the ultimate hybrid between internal IT management and external managed IT services. It can offer an organization more control over their technology assets, while at the same time utilize highly knowledgeable IT service professionals to assist on the technological aspects that the organization would like to avoid managing. Organizations that could benefit from this IT solutions model can include all industries, and range from solopreneurs all the way to large, multi-departmental corporations, including ones with a massive internal IT department.

As the leading IT service provider in Orange County, we offer co-managed IT service packages that are designed to address all aspects of your organization’s technology, including:

  • Strategic Technology Planning
  • Network Security Monitoring
  • Proactive IT Maintenance
  • Regulatory & Cybersecurity Compliance
  • General IT Troubleshooting Support (Remote or On-site)

A few things to consider whether or not the co-managed IT service model is right for your business are the following:

  1. Does my organization currently lack the resources/capabilities (in terms of assets & personnel) needed to keep up with all of our IT function needs?
  2. Is my organization in the process of making a large change to our IT infrastructure, database or overall system?
  3. Is there a lack of expertise within my organization (specifically the IT department) within one or multiple areas in the technology realm?
  4. Are there areas of IT that I would prefer my organization manage internally?

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