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IT. Simplified.

IT SimplifiedWhy do an increasing number of business owners decide to outsource day-to-day management of their IT departments to service providers like us? Simply put: to simplify IT!

In the past two decade, IT has woven its way into every aspect of business operations and has become the backbone of every process in modern business. Today, IT is very well referred to as a “utility” since doing business without IT is near impossible. As an IT service provider we take it upon ourselves to get a clear understanding of your existing operation in order to create flexible and scalable solutions that meet your budget and desired objectives. Our plans are customized to meet your unique business needs with a proactive approach to IT management. Our goal is to keep your systems available and running 24/7/365 to facilitate maximum efficiency and employee effectiveness.

Outsourcing your entire IT infrastructure to us allows you to enjoy a guaranteed service level agreement and unparalleled transparency and efficiency when it comes to your IT operations. As an MSP, we will be accountable for the functionality and performance of your IT for one flat monthly rate.

What else to expect with outsourced IT contracts:

  • Low, fixed and predictable IT support costs
  • Simplified and consolidated IT support contracts
  • Detailed service reports
  • Summarized billing






It is safe to say that we all prefer to know in advance when something starts to go wrong before the damage gets too big to handle. Our system monitoring tools are designed to serve as the early warning mechanisms for your computers and network. It’s a small piece of software installed on each computer/server that notifies the system administrator about any potential issues as soon as they start developing. A good example of such issue is your computer’s hard drive that can deteriorate with no warning signs until it’s too late to do anything about it. Our tools monitor the computer hard drive and fire a notification to our Network Operation Center (NOC) staff so they could take the necessary steps in mitigating the risk.

Such powerful tool along with our 24/7 active maintenance services allows us to attend to every little issue and remedy a solution to keep your network up and running at all times.

network maintenance

Our automated maintenance software does more than just monitoring the health of your network devices, it allows us to actively maintain your systems 24/7. Our virtual technicians perform the routine maintenance of each computer/server on your network on a pre-determined schedule for a fraction of what a network technician can cost your business.


The world of telephony has changed, dramatically. Out with the old, expensive and bulky phone systems; in with the new, inexpensive and feature-rich IP telephone systems. You can now get a full fledged, powerful IP Phone system for what you used to pay for Voice mail only, and get features like:

Intra-branch extension to extension free calls, Voice mail,  call forwarding, Find-me-follow me, call recording, call monitoring, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), Ring Groups, Circular Groups, CRM integration, Call Accounting, Application sharing, Soft Phone, Video Conference, Audio Conference Bridge, Remote phones, Cell phone Apps, Video Phone, and many other features.


Public or Private Cloud? On-premise? Hybrid?

What is cloud anyway? It is placing your files or your line of business software on a server in a Data Center and then allowing your users access to the files or software from wherever they are. A good example of Public Cloud Software is Gmail and Google Docs. You place your files on their servers and access your files and emails via your Internet browser.

Private cloud is when you make your own office server accessible from outside the office, or place the server inside a Data Center to be accessible by you or your employees. Many small businesses prefer the private cloud because they have more control over it. In most cases, it is more cost effective to keep the server in your office as opposed to paying a Data Center. This way, even if your Internet access is interrupted at the office, your on-site users can still access the files through your LAN (Local network).

Give us a call if you consider moving to the cloud so we could discuss all operational and financial aspects of your data migration to see what type of cloud options are available to your industry and how your business could benefit from available cloud technologies.