Computer tech support for SMB

Computer Tech Support for SMB

Are you tired of calling tech support, waiting for half an hour, and finally talking to someone who has no clue about the problem and does not know your business and the issue at hand? Or, explaining all the problems only to hear that they cannot send anybody until next week?! We know you are! Because most of our clients started out with us when they had already tried all those tech service providers and had realized that enough was enough!

What we have heard from almost all our clients is that all those companies promise rosy gardens to get them sign up with their tech support services which is supposed to be available 24×7. But when it actually comes to solving an issue, which might have interrupted your business for days, they suffice to leave you with a level one help desk tech support and only show up when it is an emergency. We also have heard about service call fees, gas and commute fees, after hour fees, weekend fees and…

While we do not like to criticize other IT service providers for doing business the way they choose to, we like to challenge them by asking a simple question: do your clients invest in up-time or pay you in down-times? In most cases, the answer is down-times, the more and the longer your systems are down the more they can charge you to bring you back up!

At OC IT Solutions we do not believe in break-n-fix models. We do not believe in different levels of support to answer client’s calls. Our philosophy is simple: know the business and its unique needs and assign a technician whose skills, expertise, and schedule fits the company. But before we get there, we set your environment up to the point where you don’t come across problems to begin with. We actively support your environment, whether we are there or not, so you can rest assured that issues are prevented from happening, saving you a lot of time and money.

In today’s world every business is dependent on its IT infrastructure to function, it’s like body’s nervous system that cannot possibly be down, even for seconds. So, why leave this critical function in the hands of those computer guys who do not view it as such? why paying those tech support companies who claim they know SMB but in reality do not know the difference between network security requirements of a health care provider versus a retailer?

If you are looking for a reliable tech support company specialized in SMB, consider giving us a try. We pride ourselves with our 30 minutes response time guaranteed and dedicated account managers who know you, your company, and all your IT needs. We are located in Orange County CA and we serve clients in LA county, Riverside County, and San Diego County.