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Project Description

IT Services & Support for Restaurants & Hospitality Businesses

OC IT Solutions understands the special needs of the hospitality industry. Your business operates 24/7/365 and your technology and systems need to keep up. Your business, and more importantly your return business, is based on customer satisfaction and stellar service. Your customer service can’t be hampered by systems that are old or unreliable. This means having systems with 100% up-time.

As a leading provider of IT services and networking solutions to food and hospitality businesses in Orange County, CA, OC IT Solutions has been monitoring and maintaining more than 5000 devices 24/7/365. This proactive maintenance ensures small issues do not become large ones. Businesses that rely on 100% up-time count on systems with the proper hardware and software. We will setup powerful systems, built in redundancies and a disaster recovery plan in place just in case.

Hotels have more than one network and many different systems that need to be maintained. We can manage all the networks including the guest network, wireless network, administration network, restaurant network and DMZ etc.

With each system there is a vendor to manage and we can help with that too. Whether it’s upgrading or doing hands-on troubleshooting with the systems, we can help. We will make sure each system is backed up and in a stable environment. Most systems run on back-end software that we can setup and maintain as well. We will create documentation and train employees on troubleshooting procedures. We will make sure you understand the technology and what is required to keep it running smoothly.

We can setup and maintain a public area business center and concierge station that is computer ready, yet secure, without having a “big brother” feeling. Hotels are prone to theft and property destruction so we can put in safety nets in case this happens. Turnover is also a problem for hotels so we can keep your data safe in a high turnover environment.