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Business Backup & Continuity Solutions

Can your business function without your data, operation, and applications? You do not need a backup and disaster recovery plan if the answer to this question is a firm “yes”.

However, if your business relies on data to operate, you cannot afford to not have a solid data backup and recovery plan in place.

Not sure what could lead to data losses? Here are 5 top reasons modern businesses make data backup and recovery a priority:

  • Machine and hardware failures
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Human errors
  • Natural disasters
  • Customer experience

Automatic Backup and Recovery Plans for Your Business

Data losses can be very costly as the true cost of data being lost is only one part of the equation. A simple hardware failure or an innocent mistake can lead to loss of your business information, loss of productivity, and in some cases loss of reputation and even your business. Avoiding these costs by not losing your data at the first place is the only sure way to protect your business and your reputation.

Our business backup and recovery systems are designed to back up and automatically store all your data in increments without human intervention to save you valuable time and to ensure fast and reliable deployment in the event of a data loss.

Features Business Backup Business Continuity
Web/Remote Access Yes Yes
Local & Cloud Backup Yes Yes
Backup Redundancy Yes Yes
Data Mirroring Yes Yes
Data Backup/Restore Yes Yes
File Previous Versioning Yes Yes
PC/MAC/Mobile Support Yes Yes
Disk Quota Yes Yes
Active Directory Integration Yes Yes
Hot Swappable Hard-drive Yes Yes
Infrastructure Backup Restore N/A Yes
Live Server Migration N/A Yes
OS Backup Restore N/A Yes

Business Backup vs. Business Continuity solutions?

Although business backup solution addresses your data backup needs, it’s not a comprehensive solution to a full recovery in an event of a disaster.  Watch this video or click here to learn more.

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