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Why’s Outsourcing of IT Services a Smart Business Move?

Over the past decade, small and mid-sized businesses have increasingly chosen to outsource IT services to third party providers (Managed Service Providers). The decision to outsource IT operations to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a relatively easy one as the cost of maintaining the required IT resources to support a small to mid-sized operation today can be more than what these organizations are willing or can afford to spend on IT. As with any other business decision, cost is only one factor to determine if outsourcing of IT services is a viable path for the organization. Savvy business executives evaluate such decision by looking at IT from various operational perspective such as:

1- Overall¬†IT Cost: all Managed Service contracts are based on the number of devices being managed, resulting in a fixed and predictable fee that is far less than the costs incurred by full-time, in-house IT staff. Managed Service Providers use advanced and sophisticated tools in addition to strategic partnerships to support their clients.¬† Using the economies of scale, they can deliver a high quality of service at a low cost per user basis. In addition to lower costs, clients enjoy a high level of system efficiency and availability that is achieved through the use of more advanced tools and techniques to pro-actively manage client’s IT environment.

2-Risks: most companies that deal with sensitive personal information or financial data choose to work with an MSP to mitigate risks related to compliance in regulated environments (PCI, HIPAA).

3-Performance & Availability: since MSP’s main and only business is the clients’ IT, they have an incentive to keep things up and running and perform at optimal levels at all times.

4- IT Projects: this is by far the most desirable aspect of working with an MSP. Small and mid-sized businesses can tap into the MSP’s technical resources when/if they need it. So, they’d not need to hire expensive IT resources to manage deployment of CRMs, ERPs and other technology solutions when the need arises.

OC IT Solutions has helped many companies take control of their IT expenses since 1998. With packages starting at $29.95, we’ve helped many clients realize savings of up to 70% by outsourcing their IT to us. We believe that we can help you evaluate your current IT expenses to see if outsourcing of IT services help you reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Outsourcing of IT services