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Cyber Security Speaking Engagement

Two things that have become obvious after all the recent breaches in Medical and Financial world are the lack of awareness about the complex world of regulatory laws , and the upper management’s belief that their Internal IT departments are all they need to keep things compliant.  In reality, compliance is a well coordinated legal, administrative, technical, and training system that ensures all stake holders are actively involved in the process. Within the past few years we have seen huge penalties being levied against various types of organizations from small operators to enterprises, and even governmental bodies some with multi-million dollar IT budgets. The world of Cyber Security has become so big that universities have been offering Graduate level programs to provide the business world with well educated professionals to deal with modern security challenges including the barrage of attacks by Cyber criminals to steal data, cripple networks, damage brands, and perform a host of other malicious activities.

Educating the leaders is the first step in enabling businesses and institutions to take a proactive approach to security. OC IT Solutions unifies the components of a complete security program to reduce risks across your enterprise. During our educational sessions we cover the latest network security threats, discuss current trends in vulnerability research and technology, reveal latest initiatives and educate organizations and IT professionals on HIPAA regulatory audits and compliance issues.

Subject matter experts available for speaking engagments :

1- Jonathan P. Tomes. J.D.

Jon-TomesAttorney, author, and a retired military judge, Jon Tomes has been practicing law since 1976. He is a national speaker on HIPAA, the HITECH Act, and the Omnibus Rule. He has written more than 60 books, and his articles have appeared in the Journal of AHIMA, Health Data Management, Medical Claims Management, Credit Card Management, Journal of the Healthcare Financial Management Association, Journal of Health Care Finance, Journal of Health Care

His law firm provides health law services, among others, including health information law, medical malpractice, representation before peer review and credentialing committees, fraud and abuse evaluation and defense, legal review of managed care entities and operations, and analysis of records retention programs for legal sufficiency.

Jon provides HIPAA consulting services and seminars, webinars, and onsite training around the country along with his law partner, Richard D. Dvorak. Together, they have prepared a very useful package that addresses all documentation and training requirements for covered entities and business associates. They even have supplemental material for certain covered entities, such as mental and behavioral health practitioners, that require additional safeguards.

2- Amin Mansouri

Amin-MansouriA Certified Cyber Security Specialist. Mr. Mansouri has been an IT professional and Educator for over 13 years. After completion of his Undergraduate studies in Computer Engineering he started and ran a successful IT consulting firm, and went on to earn his Master Degree in Cyber Security Information Assurance. In addition to his years of hands on experience, he has been an Instructor at various colleges and Universities such as I.T.T Technical Institute and national University bringing his experience to classroom teaching both Legal and Technical aspects of security within various regulated domains such as Medical and Financial.

In 2013 he participated in a Worldwide ethical hacking competition sponsored by Polytechnic Institute of New York University in an attempt to gauge his real world expertise and ranked in the top 10 percent. The ability to know what the other side is capable of doing, is a must have for any security professional.

Amin maintains certified status as “Information Systems Security Professional” and “Senior Systems Manager” with National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security CommitteeNSTISSI-4011 & CNSSI-4012. His years of experience as an instructor makes him a perfect communicator when it comes to complex subjects like IT and Regulation.

Amin is spearheading the company’s HIPAA & PCI compliance programs. He takes the job serious enough to personally oversee Security Risk Assessments using State-of-the-art tools to generate technical and administrative reports necessary for meeting compliance requirements.

3- Richard Dvorak

Richard-D-DvorakRichard is a health care attorney with extensive litigation experience including medical malpractice, physician licensure, mental health disability cases, military cases, and criminal cases, among others. After his years of service in the United States Marine Corps, Richard obtained his law degree from Chicago-Kent College of Law in 1992.

He provides consulting services for clients ranging from a large county government, with eight different health entities that need HIPAA compliance help, to a small transcription service. His specialty is helping covered entities and business associates comply with HIPAA in a cost-effective manner using his extensive technical computer knowledge and business acumen. He and his team have consulted over 1,000 clients in health care regulations since 1998.

Richard’s HIPAA speaking engagements include Cross Country Education, MEDS-PDN, PESI, CMI and Lorman Business Center, and The National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) 2013 convention.

4- Jeff Ghaffari

Jeff_GhaffariA strategic IT executive (CIO) with a wealth of experience in technology & business. Jeff has 20+ years of experience helping clients in both SMB market and Large Enterprises improve operations using practical technology solutions. He is a passionate innovator who advocates simplicity in design, practicality in use, and strongly believes that over-engineered systems create more problems than they solve for businesses.

His goal has always been to architect solutions that help businesses improve their top and bottom line while enhancing users’ and customers’ experience. Systems fail if users don’t buy-in to the idea behind them. As a Change Management expert, he uses simple but very effective analogies to communicate the WHY factor to users at all levels of the organization to bring them on-board. Some of his career highlights include:

– Establishing “Internet Communications Corp” one of the first few ISPs in Los Angeles (1996).
– Serving as a member of former California Governor’s advisory group on technology 2000-2001.
– Serving as Host Master of “The Society for Internet Advancement”.

– Pioneering the concept of real-time access to information in medical field prior to availability of high-speed Internet
(equivalent to today’s cloud solutions).
– Presenting use of information technology in business at prestigious universities such as USC Marshall School of Business and CSU-Fullerton MBA program.
– Architecting a mobile computing solution providing a total wireless & paper-less experience for Medical Clinics with ZERO data on premise compliant with strict HIPAA regulations.


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