Managed IT services for Orange county Businesses

Tired of Break-n-fix? Are you ready for a truly worry-free IT that could free up you and your staff time to focus on what you know how to do best? Your Business?!

OC IT Solutions’ Managed IT Service packages were designed with one idea in mind: to help small and mid-sized business grow by focusing on their core competency and NOT on IT!

Many businesses have outsourced parts or even their entire IT infrastructures already and nearly $100 Billion dollar worth of outsourced IT contracts was negotiated and signed in 2015 alone. (According to CIO magazine).

For years, IT companies and their clients have been on opposite sides of the table; something breaks and the IT company comes and fixes it; the longer it takes, the bigger the bill. OC IT Solutions has moved to client side of the table with Managed Services Solutions. Using a flat-fee monthly approach to bill for support, our incentive is to keep your network running smoothly and available, so you and your staff can work with maximum efficiency.

As a leading Managed IT service provider in Orange County CA, OC IT Solutions helps businesses, like yours, take control of their IT as well as IT expenses. Our Managed service solution provides:

  • 24X7 System remote Monitoring
  • 24×7 System maintenance
  • Backups: physical or cloud
  • Mobile Device Management
  • and, help desk support

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