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Disaster Recovery Plans for SMB

Data recoveryUndoubtedly, organizations of all sizes are heavily dependent on the continuous availability of their IT systems in today’s world of business. In fact, many organizations setting an objective of 99.999% availability of critical systems. This increasing dependence on IT systems along with increasing number of government regulations mandating business continuity and disaster recovery plans for organizations in various sectors of the economy calls for a systematic approach to preparation for continuation or recovery of systems in a case of systems failure or catastrophic events.

Various measures are used to prevent, minimize, and control losses or to recover with minimal or no damages to business data. Disaster Recovery Plans are classified into the following three types:

  1. Preventive measures – Controls aimed at preventing an event from occurring (Backup for Business)
  2. Detective measures – Controls aimed at detecting or discovering unwanted events.
  3. Corrective measures – Controls aimed at correcting or restoring the system after a disaster or an event.

Good disaster recovery plan measures dictate that these three types of controls be documented and tested regularly.

Ask us about our recovery plans. We’ have helped many business to recover in less than 5 minutes! Why shouldn’t your business be prepared for a disaster?



It is safe to say everyone prefers to know in advance when something STARTS to go wrong way before the damage gets too big to handle. For example, you would like to know when a cavity starts to form in one or more of your teeth, way before it ends up as an unavoidable ROOT CANAL. Simply because it is cheaper, less painful, and takes much less time to deal with it in the early stage.

The bad news is we don’t have an early warning system for our teeth yet. The GOOD NEWS is we have such system for the computer network devices. A small piece of software will be installed on each computer/server to monitor its health, and notify the administrator of potential issues as soon as they start developing. A good example is that your computer hard drive does tell your operating system about deterioration in its health, but no one knows about it until it is too late. We now can monitor the hard drive and fire a notification to our Network Operation Center staff so they could take the necessary steps in mitigating the risk.

Another advantage of monitoring is when something goes wrong after hours. The notification is sent right away and our Engineers spring to action to resolve the issue before your employees are back at work, or dispatching outside vendors to show up first thing in the morning.

Find out more about how we can keep a close tab on the health of your systems

network maintenance

Imagine if there was a dental hygienist who was readily availble 24×7 to brush your teeth and floss them every time you ate something. You will not need to worry about cavities again, right? The same sort of concept holds true for your computer system. Our automated software does more than just monitoring the health of your network devices. It allows us to run maintenance around the clock. It is impossible to dedicate a technician to each computer 24×7 to run maintenance routines when they are required. Employ our smart maintenance application to perform around the clock maintenance of each computer/server each month for less than an hour’s worth of a computer technician’s pay.


Our Web Development Team started back when there was no decent software to develop Web pages. They used basic windows notepad to write every line of HTML code by hand. Their depth of knowledge and 18 years of experience means you don’t get just another website. Creating a website is Science, but building one that meets all the requirements of a successful website is an Art.

None of your website visitors would potentially take the time to let you know they did not select your company to do business with because the site did not either look good, lacked content, lacked structure, did not fit their idea of professional look and feel.

Maximize your chances of turning visitors into paying customers/clients. Have one of our seasoned experts review plans for your new site or your existing website.

Mobile APPs are extremely useful tools for your end users to interact with your company website or other available resources. We have built many APPs for iPhone, iPAD, and Android platform. If you are not sure how it could benefit your organization, feel free to contact us for a little bit of brain storming.

VOIPThe world of Telephony has changed dramatically. Out with the OLD, EXPENSIVE, BULKY, LIMITED phone systems. In with the NEW, INEXPENSIVE, SMALL, FEATURE-rich IP Telephone Systems.

Get a full fledged powerful IP Phone system for what you used t0 pay for Voice mail only, and get features like:

Intra-branch extension to extension free calls, Voice mail,  call forwarding, Find-me-follow me, call recording, call monitoring, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), Ring Groups, Circular Groups, CRM integration, Call Accounting, Application sharing, Soft Phone, Video Conference, Audio Conference Bridge, Remote phones, Cell phone Apps, Video Phone, and many other features.


To Cloud or Not to Cloud is the question.

What is cloud anyway?

It is placing your files or your line of business software on a server in a Data Center then allowing your users access to the files or software from where ever they are. A good example of Public Cloud Software is Gmail and Google Docs. You place your files on their servers and access your files and emails via your Internet browser.

Private cloud is when you make your own office server accessible from outside the office, or place the server inside a Data Center to be accessible by you or your employees. Many small businesses prefer the private cloud because they have more control over it. In most cases, it is more cost effective to keep the server in your office as opposed to paying a Data Center to host it for you for a monthly recurring fee. This way, even if your Internet access is interrupted at the office, you can still access the  files through your LAN (Local network). Outside users will not have access though.

Give us a call if you consider moving to the cloud so we could discuss all operational and financial aspects of your data migration to see what type of cloud options are available to your industry and how your business could benefit from available cloud technologies.