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Founded in 1998, “oc IT solutions” is headquartered in Newport Beach, California. Offering a full suite of IT products and services,  “oc IT solutions” is a leading provider of technology solutions to small and mid size businesses in Orange County, CA. We offer variety of IT services from computer networking and network security services to Telecommunication and Surveillance systems.

Our experienced solution architects are here to custom design the solutions to your business needs and budget. For over 25 years, we have been proudly supporting businesses from small start-ups to larger, established companies in variety of fields such as: Health, Engineering, Legal, Construction, finance, Retail and …

We provide flat-fee “Managed IT Services” to take the hassle and the risks associated with break-n-fix model away from business owners and help them run their business more effectively. Guaranteed to cost less than full time in-house IT resources.  Outsourcing IT not only lowers your costs and saves you time but it also enhances operational efficiency and competitiveness.


About orange county IT solutions

We strive to deliver best customer experience through fast response and quality solutions. Our dedication to service is unmatched within the industry.
Deliver so many beneficial services that clients would love to keep us around. Long term relationships is what separates us from others. We are still servicing clients we started with prior to company’s official incorporation in 1998.
We promise to bring you savings and increase operational efficiency right after our initial assessment of your business technology infrastructure.
Unlike Techies with products that require your business to adapt to them. We deliver solutions that adapt to your way of doing business.


We don’t just talk about the future of IT, we deliver IT; and we’ve been doing it for 25+ years now!

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Proudly Serving Companies from various Industries: